The Story

Driving Sales For Gorilla Watches

Gorilla Watches high-performance timepieces are inspired by the power and performance of American muscle cars. They were looking to boost sales through media buying and find creative ways to market their products.

The Challenge

Watch the Spend

Gorilla Watches was looking to us to support their online sales through paid advertisements. Prior to working with AntiSocial, their online strategy was primarily focused on building brand awareness via social media. They had successfully built out a large audience of engaged users but they were not seeing a volume of sales that reflected the size of the audience that had been built. They asked us to convert their online audience into purchasers of watches.?

The Solution

Time is Money

We launched paid ad campaigns on Google and Facebook with the goal of further building brand awareness while converting engaged users. To do this, we ran website traffic ads that communicated Gorilla Watches’ story and value propositions. To drive online sales, we ran conversion ads targeting users who had previously engaged with the brand, visited the website, or added items to their cart. The conversion ads included a discount promo code to further incentivize users to make a purchase.

In 2020, we began to use Google Smart ads which significantly amplified brand awareness by continuously identifying and targeting the most recently searched keywords most relevant to Gorilla Watches. During the same time, Gorilla Watches was featured in an article by Hodinkee,? an influential editorial and e-commerce website for new and vintage wristwatches based in New York City. The article further helped amplify Gorilla’s brand awareness by introducing them to new audiences while building their credibility with positive reviews from trusted sources.


Facebook Traffic Ads

Our ads improved website traffic and built Gorilla Watches’ online audience while expanding the brand’s remarketing audiences. The objective of these ads was to direct users to the Gorilla Watches website in order to educate them about the brand and target them with conversion ads later down the line.

Facebook Conversion Ads

We targeted audiences that had been to the Gorilla Watches Website or had engaged with Gorilla Watches via social media. These ads offered a discount with the use of a particular promo code in order to encourage users towards making their first purchase.

Google Search Ads

On Google, we ran search ads targeting users that were searching keywords related to Gorilla Watches and watches in general. The purpose of these ads was to capture an audience with higher intent that was directly looking to learn more about Gorilla Watches and/or purchasing watches online.

Google Display Ads

We ran image ads on Google with the goal of building awareness and generating website traffic. These ads were aimed towards improving brand recognition of Gorilla Watches while further building an audience of website visitors that could be later targeted with remarketing ads encouraging purchases.

The Results

As a result of the ads that we ran on Facebook and Google’s platforms, we saw a significant increase in website traffic and the number of online purchases made. The Google Ads in particular were pivotal in helping improve the Gorilla Watches website’s ad ranking, meaning that the increased activity greatly aided the brand’s relevance amongst users searching for Gorilla Watches and related keywords.


Net Revenue over 3 months


New Users


Revenue Generated by Ads